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Group Discussion Skills

Posted in: Life Skills | 2017-05-22
Whether you lead group discussions or participate in them, applying the appropriate life skills to the situation can lead to a successful outcome instead of a disastrous waste of time.  Learn more

Business Coach commentaries to help you tackle the challenges of interviews

Posted in: Life Skills | 2017-05-02
Attending a job interview can be a very stressful experience, no matter how experienced you are. Having the right set of life skills to succeed is crucial, and this first instalment in our new series ... Learn more

Career Feature - Lebogang Lekgau, Legal and Compliance Administrator

Posted in: Careers | 2017-04-17
Did you know there is such a career as Legal and Compliance Administrator in the legal field? This week, we interviewed Lebogang Lekgau to learn more about this career path. Here is his story: 1.... Learn more

What does it mean to be assertive?

Posted in: Life Skills | 2017-03-27
What does it mean to be assertive? In this activity, learners reflect on the behaviour demonstrated in the video and discuss the differences between aggressive, passive and assertive communication. Learn more

Five useful tips that can help you ace your next presentation

Posted in: Life Skills | 2017-03-20
Have you ever had to make a presentation in front of a class or a group of people? Public speaking can be quite a daunting experience, especially if you are not well prepared. Here are five useful tip... Learn more

Tips and resources to help you to improve or even start your CV

Posted in: Life Skills | 2017-03-06
You can't underestimate the importance of a CV as it's the first opportunity that you have to impress a prospective employer. No matter how skilled or qualified you are to do a job, if you can... Learn more