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Start preparing for 2018 – Turn your can't into can and your dreams into plans

Posted in: Life Skills | 2017-12-04

Create your life handbook. Your life handbook is your life-long personal manual to live your best life – from your mission statement, your values, your long-term goals, short-term goals, persona...

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Career Feature – Gontse Kwapeng, Blended Learning Facilitator, Spark Schools

Posted in: Careers | 2017-11-20

Have you ever heard of blended learning? It’s a term often used when traditional classroom methods are blended with eLearning in order to create a new, integrative model of teaching. Gontse Kwap...

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Do you understand the definitions of these exams terms?

Posted in: Study Help | 2017-10-23

One of the reasons why learners often answer questions incorrectly is because they often do not understand the gist of what is being asked. Here is a list of definitions of some exam terms to help you...

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What to do on the day of exams

Posted in: Study Help | 2017-10-16

In less than a week’s time, Grade 12 learners in South Africa will be sitting down for their National Senior Certificate (NSC) exams.  For most learners, this period is a blend of excitemen...

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How to handle conflict

Posted in: Life Skills | 2017-10-09

Conflict is often unavoidable where people live or work together. Be it the differences in opinions, ideas or points of view; there is always a reason that may lead to conflict. However, it is good to...

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How to cope with stress during exams

Posted in: Study Help | 2017-10-02

What does stress mean?It is possible that the word ‘stress’ originally came about as a result of a shortening of the word ‘distress’. It has, on the one hand, acquired a somewh...

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