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Do you understand the definitions of these exams terms?

Posted in: Study Help | 2017-10-23

One of the reasons why learners often answer questions incorrectly is because they often do not understand the gist of what is being asked. Here is a list of definitions of some exam terms to help you...

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What to do on the day of exams

Posted in: Study Help | 2017-10-16

In less than a week’s time, Grade 12 learners in South Africa will be sitting down for their National Senior Certificate (NSC) exams.  For most learners, this period is a blend of excitemen...

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How to handle conflict

Posted in: Life Skills | 2017-10-09

Conflict is often unavoidable where people live or work together. Be it the differences in opinions, ideas or points of view; there is always a reason that may lead to conflict. However, it is good to...

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How to cope with stress during exams

Posted in: Study Help | 2017-10-02

What does stress mean?It is possible that the word ‘stress’ originally came about as a result of a shortening of the word ‘distress’. It has, on the one hand, acquired a somewh...

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Study techniques and exam writing skills

Posted in: Study Help | 2017-09-26

A skill is an ability that is developed through practice, training and experience. A technique is the systematic application of technical skills to accomplish a task.What is the aim of studying for an...

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9 Essential tips you should know before sitting for exams

Posted in: Study Help | 2017-09-18

UNDERSTAND THE INSTRUCTIONS It is very important to read the instructions carefully on your exam paper. Many learners misread the instructions and fail when they are equipped with all the knowled...

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